The information you provide on the following questionnaires will help us to understand your personal situation and to devise the most appropriate plan for you. Of course, all information provided to us will be kept strictly confidential.

For single persons or married persons who are planning their estates separate from their spouse

Married couple
For married couples who are planning their estate together

Same-sex Marriage and Domestic Partners
For same-sex married couples and registered domestic partners (those partners living together who have specifically registered their relationship with the Secretary of State)

Special Needs Trust Supplement
To be answered by either an Individual or Couple (in addition to one of the above questionnaires) who are providing for an individual with special needs.

The conservatorship questionnaire is to be filled out on behalf of the proposed conservatee (the incapacitated person) and will require much information that may not be readily available, but it is critically important to obtain as much of the information requested.

*Do the best you can filling in the form. Do not worry if you are unable to provide all of the information; we will cover it at your appointment. Call us if you have any questions.